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I am Nickki Hard. I am a web cam model. I love getting on cam and being sexy for everyone to see. I love it hard and soft it just depands on the day lol. I love making new friends.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thong Thursday

Thong Thursday!!!

Ok So I am trying to make up for lost time! It is thong Thursday and if you look at the pix you can see my ass is a little red from being spanked! It is not as red as I would like it, but it is a start (lol)! So I have been a busy Cam Whore trying to get caught up with everything I let slide. Fuck Me and my Sexy Ass, I need to get caught up so I can get on cam sooner and have some Fun with all my sexy friends! Ok so I am working on getting a wish list through Edenfantasy.com I have never had a wish list before so this will be all new to me. I hope to have the wish list and be back on came by 2/14/2013, but I want to be back on cam so much sooner. So let's cross are fingers and hope for sooner!    

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