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I am Nickki Hard. I am a web cam model. I love getting on cam and being sexy for everyone to see. I love it hard and soft it just depands on the day lol. I love making new friends.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Ok so yesterday I did not get very much done. I spent the day watching porn, what can I say I am a bad girl lol. I did no editing of pix, no getting on cam no nothing. I just spent the day watching porn it was actually kind of nice. I just sat back and relaxed and watched other people getting fucked Hard. I must say I wish it was me getting fucked that Hard! I feel kind of bad that I did not get any work done so I thought I would put a pix to make up for not getting on cam yesterday! After all it was titty Tuesday and I didn't even post a pic for it bad Nickki. I hope I am forgiven xoxo!
Ok I also want everyone to know that I want you to feel free to talk and ask me anything. I Love talking and getting naked.

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