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I am Nickki Hard. I am a web cam model. I love getting on cam and being sexy for everyone to see. I love it hard and soft it just depands on the day lol. I love making new friends.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Procrastination:Ok so I have been working on my blog and doing everything, but get on cam for the last week or so. I think I am going to get my Sexy Ass on cam today and have me a few Naughty Orgasm today. I might hang out for a few on Streamate just to keep up appearances, but I think I will spend most of my time on Flirt4free. I am starting to like it there a lot. The people are fun, friendly, and just cool to hang out with. I have not got the hang of everything yet on there, but I am learning.
I am not yet ready to give up on Streamate. I just feel like when I am on there I am working it for free most of the time. There are a few guys that come in when ever I am there, but that's just it they cum to hang out. Oh hey I am not complaining really there are days I just love to hang out.
Ok so I have not been keeping a schedule for the most part, but that is going to change from here on out! I am going to start by making a better working schedule, what do I need to arrange for a better working schedule you may ask? More hours in the day would help lol, but since I can't have that I will just have to work with the hours I got.

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